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Presentations 2

Student Presentations

  • The air quality and climate impacts of London buses, Uven Chong   Abstract

  • A massively parallel incompressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulator for oilfield applications, Paul Dickenson   Abstract

  • Measurements in turbulent premixed bluff body flames close to blow-off, James Kariuki   Abstract

  • Forced flame dynamics and self-excited instabilities of laminar premixed flames, Karthik Kashinath   Abstract

  • On the formation of pancake eddies in stratified turbulence, Andrea Maffioli   Abstract

  • Vertical axis wind turbine noise, Charlie Pearson   Abstract

  • Sensitivity analysis of spiral vortex breakdown, Ubaid Qadri   Abstract

  • High resolution scalar measurements in stratified flames, Mark Sweeney   Abstract

  • Stall warning in axial compressors, Anna Young   Abstract

  • Shale oil extraction and CO2 sequestration by a novel method of hot gas injection, Michael Youtsos   Abstract