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Fluids Energy Turbo Expo 2017


Strategies for Visual Communication
Clive Kerr
Research Associate, IfM

Visual representation supports the understanding and communication of complex concepts. Well-known examples include graphs and pie charts for quantitative data, roadmaps and portfolio matrices for strategy and innovation, and diagrammatic frameworks for research topics. This session will cover the principles and practice of visual design, with an opportunity to critique a range of examples. The aim is to provide participants with knowledge and skills that can be applied in their own research field.

Creativity and Innovation
Kevin Byron
Enterprise Education Coordinator at Queen Mary, University of London

After first exploring what is meant by creativity and innovation in the context of academic research and entrepreneurship, this 'hands-on' workshop will focus on a different approach to idea-generation than the default method of  'thinking by association' used by both groups and individuals.  Some of the pitfalls of group brainstorming will be described along with ways that groups can optimise their creativity when working together.  Finally through exploring how research progresses, future opportunities for
intra and inter-disciplinarity will be explored in action.