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Fluids Energy Turbo Expo 2017


Prof. Steven Cowley

Prof. Steven Cowley has been the director of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy since 2008 and was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority in November 2009. He is also member of the Prime Minister's Council of Science and Technology and Professor in the Plasma Physics Group at Imperial College.

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James Macfarlane

James Macfarlane is the Managing Director of Airborne Engineering Ltd. Airborne Engineering Ltd is a UK based, rocket engine testing, research and development consultancy. Their main clients include Reaction Engines, QinetiQ and ESA. James completed his BEng (Hons) Degree at the University of Bath in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Following this he has held posts as a Research Assistant at the University of the West of England, Higher Scientific Officer at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Principal Engineer at picoChip, Chief Flying Instructor at Land’s End Flying School and since 2001 as Managing Director of Airborne Engineering Ltd.

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Prof R. F. Martinez-Botas

Ricardo Martinez-Botas is Professor of Turbomachinery and Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London. Some of his current work includes unsteady flow aerodynamics of small turbines and research in the Imperial College Energy Futures Lab, where he leads the Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles group. He is also working as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Turbomachinery (ASME) and the Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (IMechE). He obtained an MEng (Hons) Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, and a DPhil in the Rolls-Royce Technology Centre at the University of Oxford.

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Dr. Jonathan M. Cullen 

Dr Jonathan Cullen  is a University Lecturer in Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure at the University of Cambridge. His research interests include whole energy systems, energy and material demand reduction and energy conversion and storage technologies, and he is a co-author on the book, Sustainable Materials: With Both Eyes Open. 

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