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Fluids Energy Turbo Expo 2017


Workshop I:

Katie Hewitt

The Researcher Survival Kit: Confidence, Honesty, and Realism

This workshop will look at some of the most common thoughts and concerns researchers have shared with me over the years (including imposter syndrome), and examine which ones are realistic and which ones need challenging. You will be invited to use your own experience to work through simple models and concepts in order to be more proactive and confident in work and life.

About Katie Hewitt:

I have worked across all disciplines in training and development for the past eight years. I particularly enjoy working with individuals on self-awareness and communication, and deliver courses on a wide range of topics including Presentation Skills, Negotiation, Speed Reading, and Interview Skills. I have been a careers adviser for postdocs at the University of Cambridge for almost the past 3 years, and now enjoy working all over the country as a freelance training and development consultant. I've worked in training and development for institutions including the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, the Institute of Cancer Research, and McGill University, Canada.


Workshop II:

Helen Francis

Collaborating with Industry

- An interactive panel session on making the most of industrial sponsorship and placements.

This session will be an opportunity to find out more about successful industrial collaborations. The panel includes representatives from academia and industry who will be able to give their views on questions in this area such as: What are companies looking to gain from funding studentships? Can I and should I interact more with my industrial sponsor? How should I prepare for an industrial secondment? How is working on a company site different from working in the University? What makes for a successful secondment?